5 Captivating Home Interior Trends for New Year, 2018!

Every time the year changes, it takes away its trends and fashions with it too. People welcome the New Year with new trends. Most of us want to create new aesthetical looks of their homes. They go with the modern interiors of their homes. By changing the interior of your home, you can change the complete atmosphere of your place. Let us have a look at the new captivating ideas and trends of interior designing in 20118.

  1. The trend of Brass:

home interior

You may not have seen brass anywhere in the home interior decoration in the past two years, but now the trend of brass is holding grip again in 2018. You can make your house looks classy yet decent by adding the yellow color of brass metal in it. You can use the brass material in anything. For example, brass can be used in the lamps for the centre shelf of your hose, or it can be used in the frame of the painting hanging in your living room. It will look not only impressive but also trendy.

  1. The contrast of avocado green and harvest gold colour:

Try this new combination of avocado green and harvest gold colour in the coming year, 2018. It will look alluring. The colour combination is so unique and eye-soothing. Moreover, it will spread a welcoming look into your house. You can create a separate sitting room by using the combination. Two single sofa sets of avocado green and harvest gold colour with a coloured zinc wall behind will give a fantastic look to your space. The avocado green curtains will provide an inspiring and brighten look to your lounge with gold-coloured furniture. You can try different and unique ideas. You can also make your imaginations come true in this way.

  1. King-sized Furniture:

New Year comes with new trends and fashions. People prefer large rooms and living rooms instead of narrow ones. In the same way, the trend of king size furniture has come back. New Year will not accept the small and sophisticated furniture instead it will demand royal and king-sized furniture. The oversized furniture will also give a fuller look to your home. It will even make your house look grand and classy. The pieces you will use for interior designing should also be significant. The classical theme will boost the trending power of your property too. You cannot only put the oversized furniture inside the home, but you can also set it on your outdoor furniture. Landscaping will give you inspiration for adding furniture to backyards with king-size sunshade chairs, tables and clothed swings.

  1. Black and white theme:

Black and white theme is ever favourite and classy theme among the interior designers. You can create the interior designing of your home based on single black and white colours. This theme is the top trending theme No matter what the era and trend are; it never goes out of style. The vintage will reflect the sense of elegance and sophistication. The blend of the two everlasting vintage white and black colours will always make your house look amazing. The colour fluctuation will not affect the theme ever. You can install inspiring black and white flooring in your home with black and white furniture.

  1. Art Gallery Walls:

The trend of decorating your home walls with that of pictures is a unique trend. It is coming back in 2018. You can decorate the entire wall of your home with your photographs; it may include only yours pictures or your family member’s pictures. It will make your wall look classy. Moreover, you can have a flashback to your memories through these photos. You can make a combination of the frames of the image with that of your furniture or the texture of the wall. It will boost up the overall design of your room. Do try this trend in the coming year for unique, classy aesthetical looks.


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