4 distinct signs when you are in need of a new access control system!

When your company starts growing, the operations and functions of the company also begin growing with the passage of time. You are in dire need of a new access control system so that it can keep up the security with the new staff and employees. If your company is going through any of the following sign, then your security system needs to be changed with the new one.

 An outdated system:

If your company was the first company to have a keycard system, then it must be a need to change the system right away. Because using the same method after many decades is not a reliable choice for you for the security system of your office and your employees. You must be facing many problems due to the system such as the non-functioning cards and fobs. It is possible that you get locked out because of the malfunctioning of your outdated system. It is a clear sign to switch your security system to a new one. The access control system has become more efficient and reliable due to its proper working and safe results.

Heavy keychain problems:

If your company contains specific departments with an individual access control system with different keycards, then you must get your concentration towards the panic situation, when your employees waste their precious 10 or more minutes on finding out the exact key to open up the door. The wasted 10 minutes by each employee can help your company to generate more and more profit. You must think that your security system is outdated when your employees carry more key chains than your superintendent. Change the access control system with new updated one immediately.

Security risks:

If your company has recently faced a break in that results into the theft of many laptops, desktops, TVs and desks then this is the right time to change your outdated access control system with a new one that has latest features to make your office premises a secure and safe one. It is the adequate time to prevent the other break-ins into your office place. It is not a proper way to bother your employees to return their keys because you do not have the authentic information that who has copied whose keys to having the illegal access to the company. To save your company’s access rights, you need to change the system instantly.

High growth of your company:

If your business is at its full extension and is hiring 3 to 10 employees a month, then this is the proper time to change your outdated system to a new one. It will be a good idea to keep an eye on the steady accelerated growth of the company. Your existing security access system cannot keep up as fast and efficient as you have expected. The old access system can bother you by delaying the production of new keys or cards to give out the individual access to the newly hired staff. It is the proper time to change the outdated system.

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