5 common terms that all surveyors should be aware of!

The surveyors do not only need to learn the skills of surveying the property, but they must also be aware of specific terms and concepts that will help them in making a precise and useful report. These concepts also help them in giving a satisfied and accurate description. These terms will let them reduce the mistakes in the report. The surveyors should have all the knowledge about their profession. Following are some of the terms and concepts:

Accessible Surveyors:

A surveyor should be aware of the term accessible. He should know that he should be capable of accessing every client, customer and respondent. He should also be in touch to his customer. It is also one of the principal duty of the surveyor that the customers and client could easily approach and get a response from the surveyor. The surveyor should know all the traditional methods to answer the customer. He should never miss the calls from the clients and respondents. He should also know how to respond the client to emails. Moreover, he should always remain approachable to his customers.

Survey panel:

A survey panel is a group people who are responsible for giving solutions to the queries of his clients and customers. Most of the surveyors  are not aware of this term because of their lack of knowledge. The surveyors are introducing new services and technologies to their customers. Survey panel is one of them. The group is responsible for answering the questions of the clients. They give them different advice and opinions on the subject property. The team is usually paid by the company for their efforts and output. The company who have introduced the services of surveyors should create a survey panel to cope with the initial hardship of the business.


The surveyors must be aware of the concept of partisanship. Partisanship is a concept in which the surveyors show biasness to their clients and customers in which they intentionally or unintentionally serve them inaccurately. The data collected by the surveyors is inaccurate. They provide wrong and biased information to their customers. In this way, both the surveyors and the party suffers. The surveying work produced by the surveyors have n quality and accuracy which leads to a significant collapse of their business. They lose their trust and ability skills which warn the clients and the customers to hire the services of such incapable surveyors.

The concept of piping:

Few surveyors are aware of the idea of piping. It is a complicated but straightforward procedure that surveyors must adopt in their making of survey reports. Piping is a concept in which the facts, figures, information about the property is illustrated in the report in such a way that they answer the questions compactly. No confusing terms are found in such reports. New questions are constructed by keeping in mind the previous answer to the problem. It is a great way to reduce the survey fatigue. The data in the report takes a compact and uniform shape which makes the report a good description.

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