6 Unique Facebook Tactics for Real Estate Agents

The current scenario of the real estate industry poses a challenge for every realtor. However, Facebook is a very viable tool for the agents to increase their value and make more sales than ever thanks to local SEO for real estate.

The following tactics will help any agent to make an impression on social media and leverage services like local SEO for real estate:

  1. Have detailed captions and good photos

When it comes to the real estate market, aesthetics add a lot of value to every property. This is one of the main reasons why photos and videos must be taken of a certain property, in good resolution and quality. The customers will be appealed by the right looks, as everybody loves good visuals. Also, adding necessary captions which include powerful words is also necessary to add value to the house. Proper media and caption will save time and resources for both the owner and the realtor, and the number of genuine buyers will increase significantly. Also, since the post will be detailed enough, those looking for a different kind of house will not irk both the realtor and the owner.

  1. Recognize target clients and pose the property as a brand

The “About Me” section of the Facebook page needs to be leveraged. Rather than keeping a lot of sections empty, the realtor must fill out each point so as to give the right buyer a clear idea of the property at hand. It must be noted that all the writing must be done in a limited fashion so as to give the right idea in lesser words. This is because social media is not the right place for a detailed discussion, and if the buyer is interested then they must contact the realtor via e-mail or phone call.

  1. Don’t be obvious

A lot of realtors keep posting the same work related stuff on social media. It is advised to keep the page spiced up, and share a variety of stuff on Facebook. This will help in engaging audience and increasing followers. If the realtor’s profile picture does not give away their occupation, the things they share will. It is important to add a dash of humour and fun to some posts, while keeping the other serious and promotional. Moreover, there are a very few realtors who know how to engage their audience by keeping their feed vibrant. Joining this elite group will only bring more followers and praise.

  1. Spread good news about the industry

The sad part about the economy is that it needs lot of improvement. It is not a mistake to spread the truth, however, sharing anything good about the industry in the midst of all this will leave a positive and lasting impression on the followers. Good news during rough times are always welcomed, so stray away from any negative news and propose how things have remained positive. There are two things which are bound to happen when a realtor posts positive news: one, it will inspire faith within the people to not give up, and two, the number of followers will increase as people always migrate towards positivity.

  1. Be an active part of the community

Sharing knowledge and constantly uplifting people is a duty and every realtor should take it seriously. Both the aforementioned tasks can be done efficiently via Facebook, thanks to its convenient interface and massive number of active users. Update the followers regarding every latest happenings around a specific place, which will cause a ripple in the market. Also, consider what drives people into real estate and inculcate them in the Facebook posts. This step will help the realtor in becoming a well-rounded agent and a community resource.

  1. Involve Facebook in everyday business

Almost every other real estate agent has a Facebook page or profile. It is advised to be active on the social media and allow users to comminute via comments or messages. Adding Facebook links on business cards will make the social media an important part of your business, and will also add a silver lining to your method of approach.

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