7 Shipping Problems that Shippers may Come across

Freight industry seems a complicated term, but every entity has their own set of rules and regulations. You must be thinking what I am talking about here? Well, you may have heard about shipping companies and like other businesses they have to come across different challenges on a daily basis. In this blog, I am going to explain some of the common problems that every shipping companies need to face. Take a look at the following section and try to understand that we are going to explain in simplest terms.

7 Major Shipping Problems

Clearance Challenge

Every country has their own set of rules related to customs, and it varies from country to state. Some countries prefer to conduct random inspections while others always prefer certain issues related to shipment categories or types. Wrong information creates distrust issues, and no one wants to have such an offense. Make sure complete details should be given for smoother freight process because it won’t create any uncertain matters and we won’t face any delay.

Missing Documents

Have you kept your landing bill with you in entire shipping process? If you misplaced that it means this one is the biggest problem that you are going to face with the release of consignment. It would be much easier for those who have a trusting relationship with the supplier. Telex release and express release can be opted as per the type of cargo. Certain paperwork is required for shipping the cargo to a specific port.

Errors with Wrong Tracking Info

We all are blessed with great technology, but sometimes tracking number can be a wrong and different type of delivery issues we will face from start to end. It will lead us to an unusual delay. Errors with wrong tracking number are one of the main shipping problems that won’t be easy to identify. We need to make sure the tracking number should be regularly checked of every item. If it doesn’t match with any delivery, then you need to contact the certain department for resolving the issue.

Wrong Packaging

Do you know proper packaging is the main key to safe delivery? If you are one of the top renowned merchandise, then you pay attention to this “Handle with care” term for customers. This one is the biggest issues that every air freight companies has to face is the wrong packaging. Don’t stuff items tightly in a package to avoid dent and distort. Keep a small space between item and packaging to allow safe shifting. In case of any damage, customer can file an insurance claim.

Bulky Cargo

It’s imperative to distribute cargo evenly. Otherwise it will become a headache for the shippers. Cargo weight may exceed as it was mentioned in paperwork. This problem would be raised when trucker picks the container. If it is one of the bulky cargo, then trucker may need some lifting equipment to lift the container. Most of the time they are unable to transport because it does not match able with the policy of land transports. Make sure you have detailed idea for the road weight limits.

Heavy Fines

For the smooth business operations, it’s essential for shippers to follow all the regulations otherwise they would charge heavy fine by customs. You should have a detailed idea for shipper’s liability. Get ready to have customs checks for cargo upon the arrival of the shipment.  Penalties vary from country to country.

Holiday Schedule

Holidays also vary from country to country, and it’s also important to do a detailed search on respective holidays. Make sure your shipment shouldn’t be delayed by holidays. Otherwise, you will have to face massive delay for the cargoes and containers stacked up in port till reopening.

These are the problems that every shipping company always face. Unusual delays are not acceptable by any cargo. It may be a reason for delay fees that would increase the unanticipated shipping costs. Get shipping agent hired who would manage a workload and keep an eye from start to end of shipping.

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