8 easy ways to help mother earth

Our beloved planet, may be the only planet with life, the one that we call home, the home that has been providing shelter, food, and life to billions of species since forever, what have we done to it just for the sake of our personal benefits?

Today, our earth is wounded in many ways. This planet is literally crying because of the brutality and cruelty of humans who call themselves a superior and intelligent specie.

But isn’t that the irony of it all that humans are supposed to “feel” and understand the difference between right and wrong, which is the only thing that makes them unique from other species, but most of them have put this unique ability under a deep sleep.

And yet . . . there is a minor but wiser and humane population of humans on earth who spend day and night to heal the wounds of Mother Nature.

Tell honestly . . . . Are you among those people who don’t even care for their home and participate in harming it?


Then maybe you are among those who want to fix the damage that most of the population has caused. If yes, then you have no idea how lucky you are to be a “true human.”

You need to be firm on what you believe, as this kind of mentality is rare in the world we live in today. A part of you will continuously pressurize to stop doing what you do but shut it up with all the power that you have.

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Just read the article below and learn. Dive in.  

  • Plant more trees

Deforestation has caused a serious imbalance in our ecosystem. Plants that are the healer of Mother Nature have been decreasing in their number which has given rise in the amounts of toxic gases like Carbon dioxide resulting in global warming.Planting more trees can control the amount of such gases.
Moreover, plants are the best absorbers of pollution; more plants can bring down the level of pollution on earth.

  • Do not waste water

    Do you know out of 100 % it is only 2.5 % of water available on earth for drinking purposes? With the growing population, and their demands and needs this water is valuable more than it ever was before.

    Use it wisely like it is precious. Make sure you do not waste it.

  • Recycle


There are a lot of materials that we can recycle rather than throwing them away. Recycling is the best remedy to reduce the pollution of on our planet.

Make sure you dump your garbage in the respective bin of recycling. For instance, put the waste of glass, plastic, paper, tin in their respective bins. It gets easier for recycling these materials this way.

  • Save electricity

Make sure you do not waste electricity. It is prepared by the consumption of a lot of energy. Also, it is one of the limited resources that we have on this planet. Use it wisely.

  • Reduce the use of CFCs

Using products that release CFCs in the atmosphere damages the ozone layer which allows harmful sun rays to enter the surface of the earth. These rays are harmful to all the species and cause different diseases.

Make sure you avoid using all the products that release CFCs in the atmosphere.

  • Avoid all the processes that involve incomplete combustion.

All those processes that involve incomplete combustion cause immense pollution. They are the cause of almost all types of pollution.

Different oxides that result from this process mix up with the water vapors in atmosphere and form acids. These acids lower the PH of water whenever it rains which is harmful to infrastructure, organisms, and buildings.

Try to reduce the use of engines and burners at home. Only use them when they are necessary.  

  • Waste Management matters!

Waste management reduces the rate of pollution, and it is necessary for every geographical region of the Earth.
Make sure waste management in your area is processed well. If you find that it has been ignored, file complaint against it to higher authorities.

  • Reduce the use of plastic

Trust me  . . . . Plastic brings no good. If you throw it away, it causes pollution, if you burn it, it releases toxic gases, if you throw it in water, it harms aquatic animals, and even if you bury it, it does not decays.

The wisest thing you can do is to reduce the use of plastics.

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Earth might be the only planet that has life. We and all the other species have only one home. Everyone needs to remember that while polluting it and poisoning it with different activities.

And what are we all even getting in return by doing that? Pile of diseases and dangers to life? Is that all we are desperate for?
We need to use the resources and products of technology wisely, else we will turn our home into hell.
Make sure you follow mentioned above simple ways to help your planet and preach others to participate in this good cause too.

Have I missed anything? Do you think there are more ways we can help our planet? Please mention them below and let everyone know. We’ll love to work on them.

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