Ayurvedic Herbs for OA Treatments

Osteoarthritis is a kind of chronic condition of the human joints where the cartilage cushioning ends of the bones mostly wear away and lose its elasticity. As a result, the bones lose its protection and they keep rubbing against each other by causing inflammation, stiffness, and loss of movements.

When one looks for osteoarthritis treatment then they can go for some conventional therapies which can lead to pain reduction. There are also Ayurvedic medicines for osteoarthritis which can reduce the inflammation.

There are several factors due to which osteoarthritis can happen and the major ones are the imbalances that cause stress on the joints, some cellular disorders which lead down to some abnormal breakdown of cartilages and many more.

These days a lot of patients are seeking alternative therapies and medical courses when it comes to treatments and Ayurveda is one such ancient healing system on which many people can rely.

In the case of OA, Ayurveda does offer certain herbal treatments and they have some anti-inflammatory properties which has very less or no side effects. In fact, many studies have also revealed the fact that Ayurvedic therapy can actually do an effective treatment on knee pains and OA. Herbs like turmeric, boswellia, ginger, ashwagandha, and Triphala can be very effective in these cases.


This is an Ayurvedic herb which is also known as the Indian frankincense and this is very effective in inflammation and joint pains. This particular herb can block the enzyme which plays a major role in the formation of certain chemicals which can perpetuate and stimulate the inflammation in bones. One can take this herb along with some turmeric and ashwagandha to get relief from joint pains.


This is a very common spice used in Indian cooking and they can be taken orally and topically. This can be used to treat a variety of ailments and one is to reduce inflammation. It disrupts the inflammatory cascades and so it is termed as a promising element in treating OA.


Another Ayurvedic herb which also has a lot of anti-inflammatory effects. The extract from this herb is mainly used to suppress the pro-inflammatory molecules in a human body and that is why it has to be taken on a regular basis when one is suffering from OA.


Ginger definitely works as an anti-inflammatory agent and it stops the enzymes that produce inflammatory agents in a human body. This herb also has an effect if one has osteoporosis of knees. But studies are still on how effective it is on OA treatments.


This has been used in India for more than thousands of years in order to treat OA. This is a formulator herb that contains haritaki, amlaki and bibhitaki. All of them contains anti-inflammatory items which are very effective on OA treatments.

One can also look rheumatoid arthritis cure Ayurveda and take help from an expert who can be of great help when one decides to go for this treatment procedure.

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