Best Online Shopping Portal Comparison Tools/Engines for 2018

If one wants to advertise any of his online stores and wants to attract a number of buyers towards his page then one can make use of a number of competitor’s price monitoring sites. These sites are becoming very popular among a variety of consumers

An internet shopper may be seen to use price comparison sites. This might be done if one is looking for a number of deals and these sites are also allowing buyers to compare a wide range of products and services.

Where are a number of people going when they want to compare a variety of prices online? What a variety of people do is that they search for different blogs and they keep checking different reviews. On the other hand a lot of people look at a number of stores online and they are checking a variety of prices manually. This process may start troubling a number of visitors who are checking prices online manually because of the hassle of checking a variety of websites. If one is able to check these in one’s location then this might be quiet helpful for an individual and for this purpose engines related to comparison shopping are being used.

There are a number of shopping engines that can be used and a few of them have been discussed below


If one wants to promote his website in Amazon then he should really do this because it is one of the top website related to online selling of products. It has a very large number of users. One may register his product ads account then he can upload a certain database of his products. Like this one is inside Amazon. After this one only needs to set his budget. After setting daily budget ones ads will be displayed by Amazon.


A variety of product are been displayed by Nextag data base. This site is not only limited to different retail products but it also has some sort of comparison related to real estate property and it also includes tickets of events and travel tickets too.


It is one of the sites that are integrated directly to Yahoo Shopping. If one lists his products on PriceGrabber then he also has an advantage of listing them on Yahoo Shopping at the same time.

This website is also releasing report related to market research which helps in tracking the trends of consumer. A variety of things are being done by this website than just the display of prices. Certain trends which are related to pricing for a certain product are also been shown by PriceGrabber.

Google Shopping

This is also one of the best ways if one wants to list his products or services. This is also used by a variety of customers if they want to search for any product. If one is able to list his products on Google then it can prove to be very beneficial for him. This site is being visited by a large number of consumers when they need a specific product.


This website has a very large range of customers who are visiting this site on monthly bases. It has been providing a huge number of sales to the business of e-commerce. This thing is being done because of the huge traffic on this page.

Along with these shopping engines which have been discussed above a variety of other comparison engines related to shopping can be used by different customers. These ease the process of shopping as a number of websites do not need to be visited again and again to check the prices of different products.

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