Million of Fire Extinguishers are Defective and Nobody even Knows

We think that once we install fire alarms and extinguishers, our job is done but this is where fight catches us. Unawareness is a curse in so many aspects as severe losses occur just because of negligence. Fire extinguishers also need care and maintenance just like your plants need because, without care, plants die and same is the case with extinguishers, they also go out of work. Your duty doesn’t stop at installation, a frequent maintenance is crucial.

Is your Fire extinguisher up to date?

Fire Extinguishers

It is indispensable to check whether your fire protection system has the capability to perform its task when needed. If there are some visible signs of wear and tear on the device then it means, you should replace it or repair it immediately. More on, you need to ensure that device can be reached easily when there is an emergency as if it is installed on the ceiling or at a place which is not visible easily then you’ll not be able to control fire.

Anti-temper Seals

fire extinguisher

Most of us ignore the anti-temper seals while checking the devices however we must ensure that they are present and aren’t broken as well. Fire Extinguishers aren’t difficult to repair as little knowledge will be enough for you to understand any fault however for major faults, you can hire an expert. The pressure gauge’s needle should also be in the green zone because this is the sign of active extinguisher.

Monthly Checking

fire extinguisher

It is not appropriate to check the extinguisher once in a whole year rather it should be checked every month:

  • Check whether there is any blocking as it can cause severe issues in the long run.
  • Any dents, leaks, rust, or chemical deposits are clear signs of the defective
  • Wobbly lever or handle simply means you can’t operate it.

Fire Extinguishers Lose Pressure over Time

fire extinguisher

There is a safety valve over a device that let not evacuate the inner gas to come out however when the time passes, wear and tear is possible due to which the gas can be leaked slowly if not identified on time. The leakage causes depressurization and as a result, it fails its efficiency. These devices require some attention as households usually do not bother these precautionary measures due to which, the serious loss can occur.

What does an Annual Report Tell?

A report tells that nearly 38 million fire extinguishers are clogged annually or require extensive repair and maintenance because when there is an emergency, these devices do not work, however, fire extinguishers can work on time if they are maintained frequently because it is vital to repair an extinguisher on time to mitigate the chances of death.


A defected fire extinguisher is the result of your negligence. Million of devices are installed in houses and buildings but nobody knows that they are defective because people do not bother regular checking. It doesn’t worth installing an extinguisher if it is not maintained regularly.

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