Fashionable Hairstyles for Spring and Summer

It is with this motto, paraphrasing the famous Beatles song; we begin the transformation by the summer. Image makers of past shows have bequeathed us this season to rely on emphatically feminine hairstyles, referring to the styles of past decades. And this means that we have in stock a lot of options for experiments. Inspired by examples from the podium.

On The Side Parting

Lush, soft curls, slightly disheveled in the manner of Brigitte Bardot, is a fashionable hairstyle for spring-summer 2019. In the new season, wear it preferably with a side parting, giving the hairstyles for girls a slight negligence. As before, the stylists did not focus on direct parting, hair combed to the side soften any image and angularity of the oval face.

Without Parting

It will be the effect of wet or dry hair – it does not matter. Leading stylists declare fashion for the simplest styling with combed back hair without parting. This version of the fashionable hairstyle Spring-Summer 2019 is available at any hair length and will require 2 minutes to create on the strength: you need to carefully comb your hair and fix it with varnish or gel, depending on what effect you need.


Hair cleaned for obvious reasons in the summer are of particular relevance. As a result of fashion weeks, it will be impossible to say that only high/low, smooth / grunge beams will be relevant – there were different ones. In the fashionable hairstyles of spring-summer 2019, the stylists set only two recent trends: 1) before tying the hair in a knot, they should be combed back without parting, but not smooth, leaving a little volume at the roots; 2) compensate for the simplicity of hair, decorating it with accessories and flowers. The ideally smooth beams-bagels will finally lose their relevance, but beams that are carelessly tightened with “roosters” will not be in bad taste but will indicate awareness in seasonal trends.

Hollywood Curls Instead of Beach

Hollywood curls will replace the relaxed beach waves in the new season. Such curls differ from usual styling with curled hair by deliberate neatness and mirror smoothness, which is achieved with the help of special sprays. Of course, this hairstyle is more appropriate for evening exits, but at daytime activities, it will produce the desired effect.

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