How payment is done in online shopping. What You Must Know!

The first question is what is online shopping? What is the procedure for payment done in online shopping?

Online shopping is a term of E-commerce where the consumer search browser visit website and can buy goods directly from the seller. However an amazing tip to keep in mind while shopping online is that you need to be able to do price comparison online, on different portals before buying anything. The procedure of doing payment is the biggest question which scares consumer as it is a bit different from consumer daily payment routine which consumer does on traditional shopping. Here I am guiding few easy steps how to payment in online shopping which is as below:


Very first step in any online shopping is browsing. This means searching for websites for desired goods to be purchased. Simply consumers have to browse and select the website where goods are selling at cheapest price as compared to other sellers and market.

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After opening website of related brand or goods. Consumer have to select items by searching from the home page of that website click on the item to check its details is that item is available or out of stock. Read description carefully views items pictures carefully for your satisfaction.


After selecting your item with full satisfaction add it to cart. Add it to cart is kind of cart which we use in our traditional stores for shopping to carry selected items. In the same way, this is also an E-commerce cart where consumers selected items are collected which can be removed as well by deleting them from the option.


After adding items to cart consumer have to click place order option afterwards form will appear to fill in where consumer have to give his or her information which includes full name, address, contact number.


If the consumer has any discount coupon or code consumer will type code to avail discount. As many time websites send discount offers and code to their valued customers to increase their sales. And to make their market value among other websites.


The consumer needs to view delivery charges before placing an order which will be added to total amount. These are the charges which website will pay in advance to Courier Company and will charge from the consumer at the time of delivery.


The consumer should review order, address and total amount before confirming it. As once order confirmed then it cannot be changed.


 The most important step is payment method there are different methods of payment which are brief below:

  • COD: COD or CASH ON DELIVERY means that payment will be done in cash at the time of delivery to the delivery boy send by the seller. Mostly consumer uses this method as it is convenient for them who do not have bank accounts and plastic cards.
  • DEBIT CARD: payment is done by debit card mean amount will be deducted directly from your account which means it is easy to check your account debit cards are accepted almost everywhere.
  • CREDIT CARD: Payment via credit card is accepted almost everywhere in which consumer takes a number of the amount of credit from a bank. But payment via credit card is much safer than debit, especially online shopping.


After selecting the method of payment terms and condition are to be accepted in which you agree upon on paying an amount for the selected item.


 Last but not least after confirming your order. Invoice by a seller is generated with an order number which is a form of order purchasing document generated by the seller in case of any inconvenience or late delivery.

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