How Restaurant EPOS help restaurant owners to improve their profits?

When performing the function of an ordinary cash desk, Restaurant EPOS works much more efficiently. The POS terminals have been created in order to automate the workplace of the cashier, just to make the service faster and more convenient for both the employee and the client.

Selecting a POS system

If your business assumes acceptance of various payments from clients, later you will have to face loss, then apply the concept of POS-system, so you can enhance your business profit. Today, almost 80% of city residents pay for services with the help of bank cards, debit or credit cards. Therefore, you just need a payment terminal; its main feature should be the speed of reading and processing bank card data and, of course, reliability.

The main thing about POS systems

When choosing Restaurant EPOS system, it is necessary to take into account the scope of its application. The technical characteristics of the terminals serving in one case the visitors to the restaurant and the customers of the retail store will differ from each other. For the correct and successful development of the business, you must choose the POS-complex that you need. Therefore, the choice of the system should be approached with all responsibility.

Make a list of the characteristics of your business. This will be your first step in the difficult choice of a future assistant.

  1. What products or services do you offer? Retail or wholesale? B2B or B2C? (business or business client)
  2. The number of planned operations per day?
  3. Credit or debit cards will be serviced?
  4. A number of cash registers, and will they be interconnected by a network?
  5. One outlet or chain of stores, will they be linked?
  6. Do you need communication with an accounting or product accounting program?

Components or accessories of POS systems

The POS system is therefore called an inventory system, since it is not a device, but a whole complex. The cash program is the brain of your POS design. The technical specialist selects it for the needs of your company. There are also applications to the software in various configurations like for Basic, Corporate, and Professional. Each has its own capabilities and features. Meanwhile, the reliable restaurant point of sale system that will provide the peace of mind.

In order not to get confused in the variety and decide which one is right for you, you need to keep in mind that all programs perform standard cash operations, but in addition, there are a number of additional options. For clarity, here is an example in the form of a specific list. You can:

Form Reporting – the effective and useful ability of the system to collect data, assessing the company’s turnover, sales levels. Here, the main reports are laid down, and some forms of reports can be adjusted to your business for completeness and objectivity of the picture of your activity

Manage Inventory – the data of your warehouses will always be relevant, you will always know the quantity and assortment of the goods that need replenishment. It’s means that the business will not be idle, you can immediately meet the needs of your customers, which will positively affect your business reputation.

Do Automatic Purchases – as a continuation to the previous position. There are smart programs that will independently work, in the absence of your supplier positions. As a good accountant, it will prepare the payment orders, if your system is linked to an accounting program.

Evaluate Customer Relationships – as a business owner, you are interested in increasing the number of sales. The right software will make it easy to use various discount systems (if necessary, then at different cash desks), sales on discount cards, and also deprive the staff of manipulating discounts and cheating the owner.

To Carry a Return Correctly – such procedures are not uncommon in any field of activity. The program will do everything quickly, saving time and nerves for you and the visitor.

Control Personnel – every materially responsible employee is authorized at the cash desk by means of a password or a card. Therefore, it will not be difficult to “calculate” the true culprit of shortages, re-sorting, and fraud.

Do Not Worry About Security – because the security system is provided in your POS system and the program installed completely with all modern security standards.


A specialized computer is the head of the system, to which all its other components are connected. It is acceptable to use standard computers, provided that they meet all technical requirements of the software. But experts recommend that you still work with special POS-computers.

First, you can choose a single-piece version. It is distinguished by ergonomics and functionality. This choice is irreplaceable for owners of small outlets. Or salons and restaurants with their own “face” and strict interior. Secondly, you cannot operate a standard PC round the clock, they are simply not designed for this. Thirdly, specialized computers consume less energy, they have sealed enclosures.

While using Point of Sale system, you can go through with several areas of improvement such as:

cost reduction;

Reducing unnecessary expenses by optimizing different parts of your business

the increase in the average basket and sales;

increasing the attendance of your restaurant;

better customer loyalty;

reducing time spent on boring or repetitive tasks that could be automated;

diversification of revenue sources.

The bar code reader reads the product marking (barcode) and then decodes it, after that transfers the data to the Point of Sale system. Here you can see the regularity: the more expensive the scanner, the better the scanning element, the more types of barcodes it will be able to read, eliminates the need for manual data entry. Also, most of the modern scanners are protected from shocks and fall that are unavoidable during a long life.

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