How to make your Home Driveways Clean with simple & easy steps?

The driveway is the essential part of any home which is connected to the entry area. Whoever would visit your home, it would leave a great impact on them. It’s necessary to keep driveway clean as much as we can. Despite busy schedules, we might be unable to look upon each area of the home, but it’s our responsibility to pay some attention to its cleaning and refurbishment. Do you know clean driveway would increase the appearance of your landscaping? You can check the most captivating driveway ideas for your home improvement.

Spilled oil and grease marks get fix on the driveways, and for immediate removal, we opt power washer. It’s true, a pressure washer would help to get over with all kind of marks but we always think is there any alternative to get rid of grime and dust particles? When we park our cars, thick layers of grime with tyres also get permanent on the driveways which is difficult to remove. In this blog, we have gathered few steps for cleaning driveways instead of a power washer.  We assure that you don’t have to scrub driveways anymore.

Use Sawdust


Have you ever used sawdust? If not, then you are not required to do something extra with this just sprinkle sawdust on driveway wherever you find grease marks and leave it that for some time from 12 to 24 hours. It will absorb grease to some extent and after then just wash the driveway. If you see light grease marks are still there, then apply this method twice.

Regular Cleaning

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If you will do daily cleaning, then stains would be in low quantity because all marks would be already cleaned regularly and we don’t have to pay extra time for scrubbing them. If you can do regular cleaning, then make it habit of cleaning at least every 2-3 days. Although there are numerous ways to clean driveway but I get to know one thing from driveway, where regular cleaning of driveways is in a routine. You would get different experts for driveways who will guide you how often you should clean within a week? Being house wife, it’s quite feasible for me to get done with driveways cleaning in just a few minutes.

Filling Cracks

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If driveway has cracks, then fill them immediately because dust and debris would get stuck into it and layers of grime will be difficult to remove. You have to close all the possible ways that are allowing dirt to run down through these cracks.

Use Washing Soda

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You just have to mix the 2 ounces of washing soda with hot water. Sprinkle the water on the driveway and leave it for few minutes. Use garden hose sprayer for washing the driveway. You would get crystal clear driveway in just a few minutes.

These are all the cleaning methods of driveways that can implement for all kind of driveways. Experts for Block Paving always suggest cleaning with a power washer, but I guess with regular cleaning, and above mentioned steps, we don’t have to spend the whole day in just scrubbing driveways.

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