An overview: How to master persuasive essay topics?

What is a persuasive essay?

Why are persuasive essay topics written for?  They are written so that you can motivate others and persuade them to do well. As my days in high school passed by it became clear to me that persuasion is an art of convincing your readers. It is a form of writing where you are supposed to persuade your readers on a specific idea. Is it possible for you to present your argument on any idea? When I say any idea, do I mean you can even talk about your own opinions and prove it right or wrong? Yes, obviously! The knowledge could be your personal opinion about any specific topic. For example, you could argue against the consumption of alcohol. Likewise, it could also be your stance on why do you think it is okay not to vote? Remember!! You must learn to back your opinions up with quoting trustworthy authors because mentioning experts can make your words credible. When you mention other trustworthy writers, you give your readers a reason to believe that what you write is worth reading. Persuasion and research are interrelated. Therefore, to persuade and win an argument, you must learn how to do proper research as well.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term persuasive writing? Maybe a way to win an argument. Winning an argument isn’t easy? Is it?  No, it is not easy especially when the person whom you are arguing with is very knowledgeable. Therefore, winning an argument should be understood as a technique which can be learned. In my high school when I was completely new to the concepts of writing essays, I did not even know till the end of my high school that most of my friends were fond of writing on persuasive essay topics.

How to excel in persuasive arguments?

persuasive essay topics

To argue is to tell people why you think your point of view on a specific topic should matter. Arguing is talent, a skill that you need to learn to influence your readers. That is why knowing your stance based on proper research is very compulsory. To debate, you are required not only to defend your position but must also know the other side of the argument as well. For example, if one claims why everyone should vote, he must at the same time also understand what is wrong if people do not vote — this way a writer can counter-argue and criticize with valid and day to day examples.

What does it mean to persuade?

Persuasion is an ability to convince your audience. To persuade is to argue and to argue is to grab the attention of readers on your point of view. You must learn some writing methods so that you can make stronger arguments.

Did you know that as an professional essay writer you must use rhetoric device to make the best arguments in your paper? In literature, the rhetoric device is a communication language which is used to persuade your readers. Look around and see in your real life. Don’t emotions play a significant role in most of the things that you do? In contrast, some people understand the language of logic well. For example, if you go and tell someone that grades don’t measure your talent and you quote Bill Gates for this.  Don’t you think you could easily convince those who are a diehard fan of him? By giving an example of Bill Gates, you are changing the viewpoint of others into agreeing with your point of view that grades do not measure your talent. This way you are depending on a rhetoric technique and using someone’s reputation and fame to deliver your opinion.

What are some of the standard rhetoric languages?

  1. Ethos
  2. Pathos
  3. Logos

Pathos, ethos, and logos are persuasion techniques which can be helpful in convincing others towards your opinion. Using logic and emotions, both of which are rhetoric languages, you can appeal to your readers to trust you. Tell the audiences over and over with the help of your feelings and specifying believable characters.  Let’s now learn in detail the above-given rhetoric languages.


Pathos is a literary method which is used by a writer to appeal to the emotions of the audience. For example, if you were to write on a charity work how would you use emotions to grab the attention of your readers? You could probably start by saying that this number of kids starve to death in Africa on a daily basis. Your donations can help, therefore if you contribute one dollar a week to charity work it can make a huge difference against fighting poverty. In this example, you are attracting the emotions of your readers to believe in you.  If you want your readers to associate with your argument by appealing to their feelings, you are using the language of pathos.


Another tool of powerful persuasion is the use of ethos. With the help of this tool, a writer grasps the attention of audiences by quoting a famous character, a person, or any profession. For example, when it comes about medical treatment people tend to trust doctors more.  If you were to talk about the importance of a specific medicine, you might say, all over the world doctors prescribe this medicine because of its negligible side effects. In this way, you are compelling the readers to trust your words because of the term “doctor,” which is a credible character in the world of medicines.


Logic is also one of the best ways to convince others into believing your opinion. You could give reasons or use facts and details to prove your stance and tell the people why to trust you. If you are to speak to someone and ask to abstain from eating junk food, what would be the logical way to persuade him? I would, for example say that junk food has a direct relation to your health. You should not consume it on a regular basis because it has a severe risk of increasing heart diseases including obesity. Not only this but some studies from medical health have also shown that those who are the daily users of junk food suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, you must withdraw from unnecessary using of junk food. This way you can use logic to help prove your argument.

Here are a few steps you should follow to make your essay worth reading:

Proper citation

Do not use long quotes

No plagiarism

analyze and interpret quotes used

Free from grammatical errors

Clear and concise paragraphs

Correct citation:

Proper citation means referring the right thing in the correct topic. For example, if the problem in your academic essay writing that is related to unemployment and you cite from an article that discusses the beauty standards. Do you think you are correctly quoting? Do unemployment and beauty relate? No! We can’t with the help of an article written on beauty standard prove a related economic issue.

In contrast, you may provide a statistic of unemployment because the economy and employment are related to economic issues. One can compare and contrast the pros and cons of an article which is written on the relation of unemployment and economy of any country. This makes a proper citation because you are making the right comparison.

Do not use long quotes

Many topics are research-based. They require a few pages to finish to convey a proper message. These complicated issues need students to research and expand their understanding on it. Yes, you can use quotes to prove one’s point of view on a particular topic. However, using just quotes does not give you an excuse to fill the number of pages required to write an essay. When quotes are used what is an ideal approach towards them. I think you should analyze the quotations.  For example, you can say why do you think that specific quote fit in that paragraph? What is the importance of using this quote? You must answer these question after you use any quote in any of your paragraphs. Otherwise, just long quotes do not make an essay worth reading. Avoid it as much as you can.

No plagiarism   

Without giving credits to the authors their ideas can’t be used. In case if you do, that becomes plagiarism and can be so easily detected. Therefore, never consider looking for pre-prepared materials as to make your task easy. There is no way to get away with plagiarism. Highly unethical, plagiarism is one of the forms of crime which can lead to severe legal penalties.  A worth read essay is one which is original in its content.

Free from grammatical errors

Grammar is the proper use of instructions such as punctuation, phrases and adequate structure of sentences. Every language has its own rules and unless not followed correctly could give another meaning to the text. To accurately convey your message an essay should be free from grammatical mistakes. Peer reviewing of your article can help minimize grammatical errors.

Clear and concise paragraphs   

Knowing how to construct paragraphs in essay writing is very essential. A paragraph deals with a specific idea. In one paragraph a well-written essay is one which only describes one main idea in it. Then after backs it up with either real-life examples or any reliable articles. If you mix a lot of ideas in one paragraph you can confuse your readers. For instance, if one paragraph talks about “how to write a paragraph” one should only discuss paragraph writing in that specific paragraph.

Steps you must follow while writing an article.


Just like other essays an argumentative essay too have three parts. Introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction part writer mainly composes background of the topic. It can be half a page or one page full. Introduction of text ends with a thesis statement. When I say a thesis statement, I mean a sentence in the last paragraph of your introduction which summarizes the main idea of your paper. It should be clear and concise.

Why is thesis statement an essential part of your essay?

persuasive essay

Readers mostly look into the thesis statement and tell whether your paper is going to be thrilling or not. Thesis statement makes your essay worth reading, so lean to make it creative and eye-catching. Being able to understand the thesis statement from an article is also an essential skill. You may ask why making sense of thesis statement is vital.  It is important because, it helps to grab the main idea of an article. While doing a literature review for a research paper you will need to utilize this skill. You read the thesis statement in the abstract paper and find out if this paper is going to be helpful in your research or not without wasting much time on it.


Body is the second part of your essay. It includes all the detailed information about your article. You can use this part to discuss your findings, back up your points, agree or disagree with other writers. The body of an essay is the part where a writer can grasp the attention of readers. Make this part interesting, detailed and creative. You don’t want to give boring content to readers? Do you? Giving repetitive words and ideas does not make a good writer. You must bring creativity to your paper because it is also a writing skill. If only you are creative, you can best present your arguments. Learn to be creative because it is an effective tool to make you a competent writer.  


The conclusion is the last part of the essay where you conclude all your main ideas. Your analysis based on the discussion you make in the body paragraphs can be discussed in conclusion.  You might feel running out words and losing strength to bear the paper in conclusion, but remember that is it is as important as the introduction and body of your essay. Therefore, it is your job and responsibility to start writing ahead of time, so at the end, you do not have to feel the need to rush. Take your time and make the best of your argumentative paper.

All the good wishes!

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