Persuasion of Technology Advancements to Overcome Water Waste

Water is not unlimited, particularly the clean, and usable water. One should monitor its daily consumption and wastage to plan accordingly. What will be the future of our upcoming generations, if water got vanished? Insufficiency of water is becoming a collective problem all around the world, and it is only going to become worse if proper planning and awareness are not made on a timely basis. The world’s population is growing, so is the usage and wastage of water. How severe is the issue? Let me give you a short overview and some tips before directing you towards the technology that can help in controlling the enormous amount of water waste and consumption; a device that will make a difference in your life by saving water as well as buildings and homes from seepage and damages.

Water is vital for preserving vigorous environments and for societal and economic expansion. With the increase in demand and wasteful usage and due to the constant rise in the populace, brought about the strain in fresh water.

Do you know a fact that by the year 2025, nearly 2000 million people will be facing absolute water shortage, and more than 70% of the global population will most certainly be under stressful circumstances since water scarcity will be the major crisis? The reason is you and me. Take, for instance, a Canadian on average uses 300+ liters of clean water a day while in a Sahara, they use around 10 to 20 liters a day hard and struggle every day to get some water. Families in many parts of the African continent has to pay many dollars to get a bottle of drinking water, while, people in developed countries waste tens of gallons every other day to wash their vehicles. Other than our sloppiness, plenty of water goes to waste because of leakages, especially in developed countries. Securing future generations and this beautiful planet earth should be the utmost priority of every individual. Rather than spending on lavish devices, one must spend on things that have much need at present. In my opinion, students and youth must propagate information over the much-needed water waste control and persuade the masses through their article writing and they can take help of professional essay writers in this case. Also publishing it on social media or magazines and via other means as well.

Let’s start saving and be responsible, specifically you, me and the students of technological and environmental fields. To sustain lives on earth, water has to be kept safe and must not be wasted. I will give you a few useful tips, to begin with, and you should spread it verbally and in persuasive writings to secure the future generations and our beautiful planet Earth.

Turn off the taps

Shower with less

Time your gardening/Water plants manually

Catch rainwater

Watch for leakages/Monitor

Turn the tap off, as leaving it open while doing chores is one of the most wasteful habits you and I have been doing for a long time. The time is now to fix a dripping faucet to save around 10 liters of water a day. Water plants and your gardens in the morning or the evening to lessen water evaporation due to sunshine or heat. Water your garden or plants manually, this will save 33% of water in comparison to automatic sprinklers. Do not waste water while taking a bath. Try to gather rainwater by installing water butts on a roof, which could be used for various household activities such as cleaning, drinking, watering plants, etc.

Watching out for leakages and monitoring water usage might not be easy for anyone in the current scenario as life is busy and hectic, here the need for technology comes. If you belong to a developed country, then you may have an idea that other developing and underdeveloped nations are not even able to consume half of your total water consumption/wastage. As a native of a developed country it is my responsibility to take the initiative at an individual level and bring awareness among all those who are part of my social circle, so should other students and people.

Technology can be a savior here; very few people know about the technology that can be of great use when it comes to water saving or controlling water surplus. Recently companies have announced products that are capable of monitoring water usage and even informing the owner about water leakages and related issues. Such devices can greatly control the excess of household and commercial water usage. Like for instance, The Phyn Plus, a much-needed device in this scenario. This device can be installed on your key water line which will, in turn, alert you on your phone if there is a leak identified, it will also allow you to turn off remotely the supply of water so to save water and fix it.

Such devices may seem a little pricey but, the waste it might reduce will help humanity and the future of our generation hence, it is a wise and humanitarian deal for those who can afford. These devices have advanced learning with pressure-sensor technology that provides intelligent features. Some of these technologically advanced gadgets use algorithms to investigate data from water pressure, its flow, and is equipped with temperature sensors to create a full portrait of your household’s sanitation system. When a potential issue is detected such as a leak, the device will send you a detailed alert within seconds. Devices like the one mentioned above also allows you to stop your household’s water from anyplace using your mobile phone.

It is the ethical and moral responsibility of all educated people and especially the students and professionals working in water conservation departments and technological development to convince the masses through our persuasive writings with clear and convincing arguments to save water, by ensuring no wastages. Water should be treated as a precious gift without which nothing can survive. Now, technology and responsibility seem to be our only hope. The use of technological devices that are beneficial in the detection of water wastages is highly essential at present to overcome this grown concern. Only through this way a sustainable future could be attained

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