Try Restaurant EPOS to manage your staff

Technologies can simplify the management of your employees while optimizing your work. Simple software can calculate wages, to monitor voluntary, compulsory and judicial deductions from wages. Also, it is helpful to automate the preparation of state and insurance reports. Suitable equipment and software can also affect the development of your restaurant, attracting skilled workers. Restaurant EPOS System will help to determine the required number of employees depending on the season, holidays, local festivals and time of day.

Meanwhile, with a simple and convenient POS terminal system, you can get the benefits like

  1. Waiters will be easier to accept orders,
  2. Create custom reports
  3. More efficiently serve tables and a
  4. Accept payments on the spot

The Restaurant EPOS system is very easy to manage, so your employees will not need training anymore. To manage the sales and profit of the restaurant, the POS system plays an important role.

For restaurants and hotels

How to choose a POS system for restaurants and hotels? It differs primarily in software. Many of them are based on the same accounting “1C”, but they added new forms of production accounting. Such a program is capable of forming an order and “postponing” until a full calculation is made.

What else the Point of Sale software can do for you? The POS system is a wonderful way to get rid of long queues in stores, as well as an excellent means to increase sales, efficiency, and productivity, also helpful to attract new customers. It is not superfluous to add that it is necessary to take into account the compatibility of all the components of the Point of Sale system among themselves. The mobile applications automatically control the quality of customer service, cash, and storage discipline that lead to

Accuracy and lead time;

Tell number of payments;

Check Revenue per shift and per month;

The granted discounts;

Suspicious activity

The administrator can monitor subordinates, while at home, on a business trip or on vacation. At the end of the month, the personnel management program will show the contribution of each employee to the profit of the institution.

Unified management of restaurant staff and business

The iPad point of sale system can able to work on any gadgets with Android or iOS – smartphones, tablets. Administrative panels for managers are available in mobile and web versions. The POS applications can allow:

– To evaluate and coordinate with the activities of the institution as a whole and on the sites;

– Manage the network of points in place or remotely in a round-the-clock mode.

– Make decisions faster and more accurately, because the tablet or smartphone is always on hand such as in the office, at home or away.

However, an automated Point of Sale system of personnel management is the part of ERP and CRM system of restaurant automation. It supports two types of jobs:

POS-terminal for waiters, sellers, cashiers – is responsible for receiving, processing orders, input, and output of goods, cash.

The administration panel is a reporting and analysis space for managers and accountants.

The interface of the terminal and the admin panel is optimized for easy and convenient operation. POS-applications are 50-150% more effective than impersonal, cumbersome Excel databases and other tabular forms of accounting.

POS-program for personnel management of the restaurant:

– Responsible for the exchange of data on employees between the terminal and the admin panel.

– Conducts personnel records and calculates remuneration for specified algorithms

– Monitors the accuracy, productivity, honesty of each employee’s work;

-Forms of analytical reports and send them to the administrator’s gadget.

Why POS better than Excel?

In the recent study, HR and accountants were engaged in tedious paper-tabular work. They kept records of employees, their personal files, the schedule for going to work, and charged their salaries in the statements. Modern HR programs are capable of:

To store personal electronic cards with personal data – name, surname, address, telephone.

Customize the level of access to the customer service system, warehouse, and cash management.

Transfer the data of each employee from the account card to the timesheet, statement, order processing terminal and analytical reports

Track the schedule for employees to work, pay a salary according to a set scheme – a rate, shift, piece-bonus, etc.

Evaluation of labor productivity in the usual form takes a lot of effort. Moreover, in order to control the quality of work, the manager has to go to the hall or kitchen, distracting from other current tasks.

5 additional advantages of a mobile POS system

  1. The information is stored on a remote to a cloud service. Such a technical solution does not require the owner of the restaurant to spend on its own servers.
  2. Mobile devices exchange data via Wifi or GPRS. If you have problems with one channel, you can always switch to another one. The work of the institution will not stop even with the total absence of the Internet. The accumulated data is synchronized after the communication is restored.
  3. POS-application is easy to learn for 1 day. Initial development takes about 15 minutes, the rest of the day is dedicated to entering information, setting up, checking the interaction of employees and work sites.
  4. The software provider assists in staff training and technical issues. You will not be left alone with unexpected problems.
  5. Mandatory trial period to assess the capabilities of the program and its compatibility with the tasks of your business. Restaurant managers and staff during this period will be able to learn about all the nuances in practice. The decision to switch to this management system will be weighted and justified.

The profitability of your business is increased by a motivated employee. It is better to have the Point of Sale programs in your fingertips these so that you will note the quick execution of an order, a high volume of daily revenue, reasonably charge a reward and encourage the laggards.


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