Seven Common challenges in writing and ways to solve them

Writing has now become a more significant part of every student’s life and getting popularity everywhere. It starts from simple content to complex piece of writing. Students are being given the tasks to write on different topics at different levels. One of the main reasons for assigning this writing task to the students is to polish their writing and creative skills that are going to help them throughout their life. Writing essay is securing a greater place in the lives of students during and after their education. But it is quite unfortunate to see that most of the students even after completing their schools fail to develop this skill in them. Essay writing is a skill that could be learned with the passage of time, so one has to show patience and strong dedication for acquiring it. Writing an essay not only involves one thing rather it involves multiple things that should be kept in mind while writing an essay.

Lack of vocabulary:  

One of the main issues that the students are facing now a day is that they do not have sufficient vocabulary. They do have creativity in them and they can write well but when they start writing, they don’t get the right words for expressing their thoughts.  Having a strong vocabulary is one of the main tools that a writer needs. But lack of sound vocabulary could be overcome by learning new words on a daily basis. Reading more written material could help one in improving their vocabulary. There are specific tips and techniques that one could use for improving his vocabulary and these tips include using new words, reading every day, look up for words that you don’t know try to identify new words.

Weak argumentation:

Another major challenge for those students who are asking for others to help me write my essay is weak argumentation. They know that they have a strong point, but mostly they find it difficult to prove their point as they lack the skill of good argumentation. But this challenge could be resolved by working on few areas. One could overcome this issue by giving examples to convince his readers so that they are going to have something to believe on. One main thing that students need to learn while writing is how to present their ideas and thoughts by giving a valid argumentation. One could also earn from this essay writing skill as there are many companies who run businesses. Using relevant things for proving your argument could prove an essential element for convincing the readers.

Poor grammar:

Writing is a skill that one cannot achieve without having a command on grammar. They are many things that could be done for making a difference in your writing skills and grammar comes in creating that difference to your essay writing skills. Most of the students do not have strong command on grammar but there are many ways for catering this issue. One should try to broaden his area of study and should spend more time reading new reading material. Students should try to develop interest in things that looks appealing to them. One could see a considerable improvement in his writing skills just by paying little attention to his grammar. Though it is going to take something as learning grammar could be a tough thing to do but as it is rightly said that slow and steady wins the race, same goes for grammar improvement.

Unfamiliar topics:

There is a root cause that is not letting the students to have an access to excellent writing skill, and that is restricting oneself to a limited area of interest. Students should go beyond their interest and explore the world that they may have not ever thought of exploring. Students mostly hesitate for writing on topics that looks new to them as they don’t have much knowledge about that particular topic. Mostly it has been seen that students don’t know about things that are out of their interest box. One who wants to be a good writer has to broader his way of thinking as it is going to help him for focusing on those areas that usually people ignore, but a good writer also takes notice of the minutiae details.

Run on sentences:

Another trendy mistake that has become a challenge for students to overcome is how to avoid run-on sentences. Many students know every important point for writing a compelling essay, but they lack the skill to join the sentences that are going to have two clauses or sentences. This error in writing could be minimized by learning how to use conjunctions while writing an essay. Some students take help from professional essay writers for this purpose. But, keep it in mind, the sentences should be joined by using suitable conjunctions that would help the reader to get your idea easily without having any confusion.  


One of the most frustrating thing that one finds while reading an essay is the wordiness. It has being seen as one of the most common blunder in essays. This mistake of wordiness is committed by students when just for the sake of filling the paper, they keep on writing wacky things that many times does not make sense. This makes the essay confusing and unclear. This error could be minimized by revolving around the main topic and focusing attention on the given topic that one needs to write on.

Spelling mistake:

Spelling mistake is not only frustrating but embarrassing as well. Students have now become addicted for writing wrong spellings of most things as they are using more social media where writing in short form has become a trend. Writing in short form is spoiling students as when they come to write any academic thing they find it difficult for them to remember the correct spellings. But this issue could be resolved by using and practicing correct spellings in daily routine. Spellings could be improved by writing more and practicing on daily basis for checking how far you have overcome this issue of spelling mistakes.

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