Simple and Easy Tips to Clean Up Your Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner that is installed in your home is one of the most expensive home appliances, and definitely you would want it to keep safe and protected from each and every fault. On time maintenance of your air conditioner can you from a lot of troubles. Once it gets faulted, it needs a heavy cost to be repaired, some causing a lot of troubles for you. So, to be a hassle free and economical regarding your air conditioner, you have to update yourself about your air conditioner and maintain it from time to time. Proper care and maintenance of your AC can increase the life of your valuable asset as well as save you from a sudden financial jerk.

As regards to your AC maintenance, there are a lot of things that you can do without getting a costly help from an AC repairman or maintenance services Provider Company. AC needs a heavy maintenance cost for duct cleaning and overall service by hiring any professional and reliable expert of duct cleaning in Dubai, but if you perform a little research and explore some basic things regarding your Air conditioner. Giving a proper attention and care to your AC will increase its life. A well maintained air conditioner will run more efficiently and cost less to run.

Remember that, there are a lot of things that a homeowner can do with his AC without hiring an AC repair man. For example, Duct Coil, Filter maintenance, fan maintenance and several other things can easily be managed by an ordinary homeowner. Here we are going to discuss some important things that a home owner can do make his AC more efficient and more economical:

Clean the Air Conditioner’s Coils

AC coils are very important, which plays a key role in keeping your AC’s cooling system strong. If you are cleaning your Air conditioner Coils regularly, then it will be helpful to run your AC with less energy and produce more cooling. Sometime dust or frozen substances disturb the ventilation system by reduces airflow and insulates the coil, reducing its ability to absorb heat. So, in order to keep your Air Conditioner airflow proper and cooling system maintained; you have to clean your AC’s Coils. There are proper and step by step guide available to clean AC coils, but if you don’t feel comfort with it, then you can ask some professional to do this for you.

Check the various components of your AC

Air conditioner unit needs a regular care and look after. If you want your AC to perform for a longer period of time without putting a heavy cost burden over you, then you need to check it regularly. Check the various parts of your Air Conditioner from time to time. A consistent look after of the various parts of the air conditioner including refrigerant, Compressor, Condenser Coil, Expansion Valve, Evaporator Coil and outdoor etc. can increase the life of your AC more than average. Keep the parts of your AC workable which will result you less energy consumption and low maintenance cost.

Condenser Unit Fan Maintenance

You can easily do this! Check the fan on the top of the outside condenser unit to make sure it’s still in good condition and working properly. Replace the fan blades if there are any cracks or chips visible in one or more of the blades. You can easily replace the blades but if you are not able to do it on your own, then you can ask an AC Maintenance Company in Dubai to send a repairman to you. It needs a little cost, but can save you from great incoming trouble.

Clean Outside Unit

Keep the outside unit clean; it can make your AC fully workable and produce efficient cooling in low energy. Over the time dust, grass, leaves and other substances cover your AC’s outside unit, which causes the decrease in the system capacity and disturbing the air flow. Better to keep the outside unit in a clean and cool environment. Time to time; clean your AC outside unit, you may wash it if needed, but follow a prescribed method to wash it. Remove the dust, grass and leaves; let make your AC outside unit fully functional with optimal performance.

These are some ordinary things that you can do on your own to manage and keep your Air Conditioner well performing. Remember that, this precious home appliance unit needs a great and consistent care. Don’t experience on it; only do the things if you think you are capable of doing. If you are not able to do the above mentioned of not studied well about them, then you can call a professional AC maintenance company to look after and manage your AC unit installed in your home or office place.

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