Things to consider when You are in Need of An Open Yard Storage in Dubai

What is Open Yard Storage?

It is an outdoor storage facility provided by a private company that allows one to store bulky goods in a safe and secure environment. One might think that the name ‘Open Yard’ means it is simply an open space, however there are many other facilities provided to the clients along with safe storage. These yards are fenced with full security and does not allow any unidentified or unauthorized person to step in to the premises. There is surveillance by trained security officers as well as 24/7 camera surveillance to provide added security. The yards and everything stored inside it is constantly monitored and has round the day on-site security. Whenever this premises is used to store or keep any commodities, vehicles or goods it is considered an open yard storage as it does not provide warehouses for storage, rather it is an open space with separate portions for every client.

What are Outdoor Storage Units used for?

These outdoor storage areas are used mainly for bulk cargo and heavy duty cargo. This includes heavy vehicles, construction equipment, industrial machinery and many other such items that are huge and need a large space to be stored at. Not just their size, but they are quite expensive too thus they require a place that is 100% safe! Open yard storage provide this kind of environment for customers who want a huge and secure space.

What are some of the features to consider when selecting an Open Yard Storage?

If you are a company that has voluminous and bulky cargo that needs to be parked in a secure place then you must consider an open yard storage. However, there are many companies that offer this facility and how does one select the best one? Here are a few guidelines to help you out:

Do an open bidding so that all open yard storage facilities have the chance to apply and so you can also consider each one without bias. This is a good opportunity to see which companies are willing to work on the same budget as yours and provide you with the facilities that you require.

Be very open with the company that you select and tell them all your fears and considerations in advance. A good company should be able to give you fool proof security and provide you with insurance as well as proof that your goods will be secure.

It is a good idea to visit the facility so that you are fully aware of its whereabouts and how well maintained it is. This is a major decision making factor as it helps you out in seeing the condition of the yard and if your goods can be stored at that place.

Remember, goods that require temperature control cannot be stored in an open yard as it has no chillers or heating facilities thus only those things can be stored which will not be damaged with weather conditions.

Guidelines for Open Yard Storage

If you are opting for outdoor storage units, then there are certain things that you must be very careful about. These are just the basic guidelines, whereas specifics are given by the company itself. Whether you want to store any heavy lift transport, you should provide the company with the vehicles insurance and registration papers. These must be authentic so that you and the company both do not face any difficulties or delays. All heavy duty vehicles that are being stored must have recent or current license plates for verification purposes. It is recommended that you store the battery elsewhere, especially if the vehicle is to be stored for a long period of time. Not just that, but other items like water tank and fuel tank must be empty, deflate the tyres and other such things must be taken care of.

Also, it is important to sign a contract with a reliable company that has good online reviews and has been in the market for decades. This is how the company proves its reliability and loyalty to customers. Open yard storage options in Dubai are many, but selecting from the few efficient and reliable ones can be a tough decision. At the end, it is your expensive equipment and heavy vehicles and one must be absolutely sure about it’s security.

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