Time to Wish a Happy Birthday!

The day is here once again when everyone is looking for a new way to make someone happy, with some cool happy birthday wishes. The changing times ask for some innovative ways to make sure no one is bored by the usual basic birthday wishes. Take a look at some ways a person can wish a happy birthday to anyone in the upcoming days.

7. E-Birthday Cards

Beautifully designed birthday cards available for downloading and sharing with the people you love make it great and so easy for the people to spread. And it would be a cherry on the top if you could make a custom birthday card for the birthday girl or birthday boy.

6. Social Media Posts

Another way of celebrating a wholesome birthday. No one forgets birthdays these days, because social media makes you remember the birthdays of your closest friends, family members, colleagues and even acquaintances. And when half of the work is done, you could focus the effort on sending a perfect birthday wish through social media.

5. Personalized Video Message

Another thing you can do is compose a nice and memorable video message. Sing a birthday song, give a beautiful wish or compile the pictures of the birthday girl or boy and give a nice background music. The music is not strictly confined to birthday songs if you add the textual Happy Birthday wish on the images or directly in the video.

4. Personalized Birthday Cakes

Visit your cutest local or fancy bakery and get a nice and creamy birthday cake. You have numerous options you can pick one up ready made on the display and ask them to write a name and birthday wish. You can later insert some printouts of images of the birthday boy or birthday girl on the cake by pasting them on the picture stands designed for the cakes. Or you could ask for a custom cake where they print images on icing sugar, a very nice option. Some cupcake bakeries also provide options for unique cupcake ideas for anyone’s birthday.

3. Happy Birthday Dinners

Not sure what to bring to them? Bring them to a classy restaurant. Go out and find a perfect place for a cozy dinner and a decent birthday cake afterward. Most restaurants have a policy of singing the happy birthday wishes songs, so that would be very amazing as well.

2. Gift Packs

Life is hectic, so go to an online store, search gifts for her or gifts for him, and you will get tons of responses. She would probably like a cosmetic or skin care gift pack. Whereas he would like an athletic or technical accessories typed gift pack. But general types of gifts include chocolates, wrist watches, perfumes, flowers etc.

1. Themed Birthday Parties

Depending on the birthday guy or birthday gal, the people can want way different types of birthday themes. The old superhero themed and princess themed is way outdated now. People are looking for creative options like a location-based themed, an era based theme or sometimes a very cute emoji theme party will do. We also heard that even the poo emoji themed party is not out of question.

And this was all about the types of wishes and some ideas you could use in 2019. Stay tuned for more updates and let us know in the comments if you have more ideas about awesome Happy Birthday Wishes!

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