Top 5 Technology Trends in Land Transport & Logistics

Logistical solutions, especially those that comprise of land transport are serving many sectors including FMCG, pharmaceuticals, oil and minings, construction industries and many more. Trucks, trailers and heavy lift transport vehicles of all types and sizes are required and each has it’s own specific role to play. As we become more digitized and step into a world filled with technological advancements, there are several trends that seem to be catching up really fast and will be the future of the logistics industry. Here are the leading tech trends that both the clientelle and the third party logistics companies are interested in.


Who does not love an automated machinery doing all the chores that a human was supposed to do? Not just that, but also multi tasking while at it, making the whole system infinitely more efficient and time saving. In the world of logistics, robotics is of use when giving instant quotes, providing a smooth online service shopping experience.

Customized Delivery Times

With the help of reliable transport companies in Dubai, you can choose the time of delivery of your shipments which will not only save time but also save the cost of transportation. There are certain times in a day in which the transport time is reduced to low traffic etc and thus not only does the delivery reach on time but it also saves money. One can choose the time of delivery on the online forms and make life easier.

Self-Driven Vehicles

Yes, you read that right! The future of logistics lies in vehicles that will be driven through automated robots and softwares enabling a truck to drive without a driver. While, it has yet to undergo years of tests and trials so that vehicles can be driven with 100% safety, it is certainly promising. That is the reason, there is a lot of research going on about it and is number 3 on our list of upcoming logistics trends

Innovative GPS Devices

While GPS devices have been around for quite some while, there is a lot of room for improvement and additional technology. From providing tracking of the vehicles each and every brake, swerve and speeding high or lows, next gen GPS devices will provide a lot more information on the transport vehicle. It will be able to give suggestions for the future as well as online tracking of every movement. This increases the safety of the whole transport process and improves the entire logistical experience.

Goods Delivery Automation

The whole point of advancement in technology is to improve efficiency of the logistical process, and to make it more reasonable priced as well. Goods delivered automatically is a trend that is catching up quite fast. Quicker and safer delivery of goods with the use of logistical devices other than trucks or trailers, like drones etc can improve delivery of goods.

Like all other industries, technological advancements have become a necessity and a portion of every professional logistics company goes into this research. It is important to keep improving and move on with times. As new gadgets and softwares appear in the market, it is important to see how one can incorporate those things into the logistics industry.

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