Traditional POS vs. iPad POS: Which is the best for your business?

The advent of technology has primarily changed the expectations of those dining at restaurants or checking into cafes for a treat. A minor yet crucial mistake to avoid while choosing a Restaurant POS system for your business is to neglect the fact that technology undoubtedly boosts firms and helps them compete at a parallel pace with modern businesses alike. They look forward to an advanced, innovative and speedy system catering to their dining needs which is something that a traditional POS system somehow lags in fulfilling. A prominent reason for decreased use of a conventional POS system in businesses is that it restricts trade to a specific locus and this issue seems to be successfully resolved with the introduction of an iPad POS system in the small business arena including the restaurant industry.

An iPad POS is one amazing tool for all kinds of businesses ranging from small to large. It is reliable and just the right amount of feasible for all business owners who have a budgeted plan while setting up their POS system. The competitive business arena is all hyped up about the integration of an iPad EPOS system places like restaurants, cafes, bars and other order dealing businesses that rely on a fully-functional and efficient EPOS system. So when you are seeking to build a social reputation with the quality and efficiency that your business can provide, then this is your chance to quickly integrate UK’s best restaurant POS system. The consequences of choosing the wrong system are too heavy to pay for, and you want to avoid investing in something so disadvantageous and non-profitable.

How does an iPad POS system work?

Traditional vs iPad POS System

Let’s take it from the top. An iPad POS system is basically a software that is specifically designed to function on an iPad tablet device. Basically, the iPad POS system is intended to manage order taking time, to keep a timely record of sales, to oversee employee management including their working hours and payrolls, to scan bar codes without much trouble and most essential to keep track of the inventory system and product supplies. However, a deep insight is critical for your mind while deciding to shift from a traditional POS to an iPad POS system.

Reasons to integrate an iPad EPOS System in your Business:


A majority of small businesses collapse due to inefficient cash flow management. A business owner shifting from a traditional POS to an iPad EPOS system can be sure to save huge sums of profit to himself.  A fully-functional traditional POS system becomes a burden on the pocket to maintain and handle since it comes with heavy hardware devices. It does not just require regular maintenance charges but may also demand of reinstallations from time to time which may cause you to lose a whole lot of data. With the option of switching to an iPad, you can manage your point of sales at the touch of your finger on a screen, in considerably just a fraction of the price of the latter. Nonetheless, in terms of monetary value, the iPad POS system also accepts multiple currency forms including bitcoins as well, which means you can keep up with your consumer needs.

Efficient Management Skills

iPad EPOs systems allow any particular business to connect from a single point of business contact to multiple devices via an integrated POS network. For instance, the order-taking restaurant staff can keep the kitchen staff in the loop of an order on priority through his iPad. Simultaneously, the manager will be able to update the virtual menu. The portability features make all of this pretty speedy. Nonetheless, managers also have complete access and a systematic scheme to oversee inventory, customers, staff and all interrelated aspects under one simple restaurant POS system. You can also now keep a constant watch on staff activities, conveniently allocate day-to-day tasks, update deal and loyalty offers for the customer and instantly and frequently rotate menus too, with just a touch on your iPad screen with our reliable and multi-purpose POS system.

With an increased demand of the hospitality industry, iPad EPOS system is now specially designed for meeting the needs of bars, cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets as stated earlier. A combination of versatility and remoteness is unlikely to be found in any other device that could facilitate restaurants for such profitable gains. Remoteness gives managers the comfort of flexibly managing the business without being exhausted. Whereas for other staff members such as the waiters and order-takers, it is crucial to understand that you can either expend time on manually training them or save time and make profits by acting smart.

From Complicated to User-Friendly

Keeping in mind that not all your staff members are going to be proficient with IT related stuff and technicalities of computers, it is necessary that you understand and respect their mode of comfort. It is hard to believe that any restaurant staff member within the UK expanse would not know how to operate a touch screen phone in today’s time. Hence, providing him with a familiar device such as an iPad which is smart, trendy and petite enough to fit in anywhere and be used at any time, makes much more sense than having him struggle and waste considerable time on computer training. JeM POS’ iPad POS system is simple to handle by any former mobile user. Touchscreens are pretty attractive for both employees and customers. Hence, you can be sure to attract an audience to your business in either way.

Favors the Environment

‘Go green’ by going paperless is a concept well understood by people all across the globe. This concept can be very well applied to restaurants that can avoid using prints for written records and instead manage their inventory, their customer and staff emails, their employee clock-ins and payroll distributions, and lastly the bills and receipts through restaurant POS system. With the consistent hustle and bustle in human lives, customers prefer everything digitalised; from purchase to payments and feedbacks too, not just because it is an eco-friendly but also because it’s easier to manage everything on one screen rather than handling a hundred different slips. There are concrete reasons as to why it becomes necessary to start storing digitally and hence avoid paper wastage. Environmental concerns have met an upsurge in the last decade. Therefore it appears crucial for every business to somehow contribute towards environmental friendly approaches in running their businesses.

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