Transport Management System Provides Efficient Logistics Solution

Supply chain management goes hand in hand with logistics, and although it is a complex structure that has other several aspects involved, transport plays a big role in it’s success. There is a lot of discussion in the freight world about saving money versus providing quality service and so on, and transport management systems are at the crux of every debate. Let us discuss this along with how it can provide maximum benefits to the shippers.

What are Transport Management Systems?

Imagine that along with online tracking, you are also provided with the costs, route optimization, logistics planning and much more is all taken care of through a software. That is exactly what a TMS or transport management system does for you. It takes care of all the details as well as providing solutions to any problems that you may face during the supply chain management and logistics process. It provides you ease of access to all transport, and advanced technology can even enable deployment of tasks to provide the most efficient logistics solution.

How does a Transport Management System Optimizes Shippers?

It is important to understand that a TMS can provide logistics solutions that can optimize shippers and provide ease in a variety of ways. Shipping companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi have started adopting advanced logistical solutions provided by online transport management software systems to make it easy for shippers to track and predict logistics. Five of the main benefits that a TMS can have for shippers and how it helps to optimize their experience are listed below:

Accurate Charges: Since, the TMS is designed to provide an efficient solution, it gives an accurate picture of the charges that will apply to shipper. It does not allow over charging or under billing at any cost. This gives a sense of security to the shipper and thus helps optimize their benefits.

Increases Use of Multi Mode Shipping: With the advent of proper transport management systems, it has become easier to use multi modal freight options. More and more shippers are looking for free or low cost shipping options, and with a TMS it helps in improving the service.

Online tracking and comparisons: Yes, a TMS will also give shippers an option to compare the costs of various freight service providers and help them choose the best one. Most shippers understand that cost is not the only option to be considered, but it gives them an accurate idea of what their budget will look like. A TMS software will give the shippers a clear image of costs and timeliness comparison, so that they can choose the best options for themselves

Cloud system integration: Using a TMS for project cargo in this time means that a shipper will be able to fully integrate with cloud systems without having to go through different sources. It is also about time that APIs take over EDIs and that will take TMS to a whole new level. In fact, it is already happening and is helping logistics solution providers just like it has made Amazon and Uber so successful.

Improves Shipper of Choice status: Using a good and efficient Transport management system will also ensure that you get the shipper of choice status. This improves the ratings of a shipper and more carriers want to choose you. There are several markers after which a shipper’s rating is improved and a TMS can definitely assist in optimizing the shippers status. Factors like freight management, freight scheduling, drop off timings and so on are all displayed in a TMS and it balances out the relationship between shipper and carrier.

Optimize Logistics Process through TMS

Logistics management and supply chain management go together as discussed earlier, and using the most advanced technology like the latest TMS improves a shipper’s business. It is essential that carriers, shippers and third party logistics partners all come together and go through the transparent process of TMS software. Improving freight and logistics is important for both the shippers and carriers, therefore acquiring a proper transport management system as soon as possible is the best solution.


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