Types of Computer Viruses You Need to know!

Viruses are a pain. Any place anywhere. Be it the human body, or the computer/laptop/mobile, we, humans always find themselves at the receiving end. Yes, there is cure in the form of medicines and anti-virus programmes. But, what about the mental stress they cause?

But, as a human, you always see the positive side. A virus is a rare occurrence as an infection. You take the medicine or anti-virus CD, and the cure happens. A basic humanitarian trait. Yet, it is useful to know the types of viruses. Unlike the human body, you cannot put a computer or laptop in bed, and give it a dose of antibiotics. If you do not take action at the appropriate time, then the virus can wreak havoc on the system. In fact, confidential data may get stolen. The virus can also spread to other devices.

Here are some popular computer viruses.

1. Boot Sector Virus

There are many who state that this virus is long gone in the annals of history. But it pops in another form. The fame for this virus spread before a decade ago, because of floppy disks. In recent times, the virus can make an appearance in the “Master Boot Record.” These viruses are the most dangerous, and cannot get removed. You need to do the formatting of the entire system. The reason, the virus has damaged the boot sector. Or, the code has faced irreparable damage.

Now, with the use of internet, the threat has waned.

2. Web Scripting Virus

It is a fact, many websites use codes to offer attractive content to their loyal customers. At present, the video watching trend has become popular. As per a survey, more than two billion videos get streamed on Facebook pages in a day. So social media platforms use a specific code for these videos.

Well, it is the hackers who do the nonsense job. They exploit the code by leaving a comment on the Review/comment section. The comment has that code. And the code gets embedded in the same site. Surprised? More lays in store. It happens without the knowledge of Webmaster.

3. Browser Hijacker

You have a website. It is your baby. You gave it your-all for a six month period. Your friend calls in the middle of night to inform the problem. The homepage of your website gets transferred to another site. The ransomware has caused the attack. All the hijacker wants is to increase the income from web advertisements.

4. Resident Virus

The title conveys the meaning. Resident. Period. It does not move out of the place, even when the real source gets eliminated. The main reason – it is so dangerous. They have the uncanny ability to get installed without any help in a computer.

They are difficult to spot. And it becomes a challenge to remove them. There are two types. The first one is the fast infector, where they wreak havoc all along the way to doom. Yes, one benefit – they get spotted for cure. The latter, slow infector is very hard to detect as they develop their symptoms at a slow pace.

In an unfortunate incident, they can get attached to the anti-virus software. They can infect every file scanned because of the antivirus. Experts recommend on the use of operating system patch tool for elimination.

5. Direct Action Virus

The character of this virus is like the Vienna virus (1998). The virus comes to life only when you take action. The two advantages are – it does not get installed like the resident virus or it remains deep in the memory. Usually, it attaches to a file such as EXE or COM. On  activation, it looks for other similar files in the same directory to cause infection.

The virus does not delete any file nor cause an obstacle to the performance of the system. It can get removed with ease from a anti-virus program.

6. Polymorphic Virus

One of the dangerous type among the pack. It can easily evade detection and elimination because of its tendency to change its code. An antivirus program detects any virus only by the code. For this virus, you need a special software. The reason, this virus gives the appearance of a different type of software to the anti virus program.

7. File Infector Virus

The title gives a different meaning. But the activity is different. The virus rewrites the file. Now we need not explain the dangers.

8. Multipartite Virus

A virus may take one way to infect a computer. But this multipartite virus uses many ways to get access to a computer. It can also affect in various ways. They have the tendency to inflict damage on the boot sector as well the executable files. The multipartite virus spreads at a fast pace and they are also tough to remove. You can clean the files, but if the virus is still existent in the boot sector, it will start reproduction again.

  1. Overwrite Virus

As the name suggests, the virus is a danger for the system. The reason, the contents get deleted. The only way to escape, delete the file. Yes, it is easy, but you lose the content. The overwrite virus can cause infection to not only software but also to standalone files.

They usually spread via email and are difficult to detect. Their heyday was in the initial stages of the last decade with Windows NT and Windows 2000. But now, they pop up in unfamilar situations.

  1. SpaceFiller Virus

They have another name – cavity viruses. The computer experts consider this virus expert as more intelligent than the others.  This virus can get attached to a file. They then move to the empty space in the file and increase the size. Relief – it does not damage the code. But it can easily escape the anti-virus drive.


There is the famous proverb – Prevention is better than cure. So, it is not enough to have a excellent antivirus in your system. It is in following the rules. You should not visit any unwanted websites. The other methods – nor open any mails or comment from unknown persons.

If you have a laptop and carry it to the conferences and pubs, do not allow unknown individual to stick their USB devices. Also, take care to instal the software only from reputed websites.

Let us imagine a situation. You have a small services office in Hyderabad, and cater to the local population. Yes, there is confidential information in the system. Your office team complain of a virus attack. Some files have got deleted. As the owner, it is your duty to take action as soon as possible. So, how do you search for the best technician who does computer service in Hyderabad? It is very easy. Check if you have a home maintenance company which provides doorstep services. Download the app, and place a request. You can choose the computer repair technician as per your budget. The concerned professional will come and fix the problem. Your team can resume their normal duties within short time.

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