Where Can Facial Recognition be Used?

Biometric facial recognition technologies have created a buzz in the industry although it is in the infancy stage. The power and potential offered by biometric facial recognition have been foreseen to provide a high level of security and safety in several businesses and fields. The provision of frictionless interaction which increases the service and security between the customer and the company is possible with the help of biometric recognition services.

The advent of facial recognition software in iPhone X and other smartphones in China, Singapore and USA have brought the benefits of facial recognition to the consumer level. This recognition by customers as they reap the numerous benefits of security and privacy offered by facial recognition companies in India, this has helped in adding the same to enterprise interactions which have led to smarter, easier, and efficient business interactions.

Some companies are in a dire need of facial recognition software. These include-

  1. Airline companies

Security can be improved and streamlined in the business processes involved in airports. Airlines can involve facial recognition in order to make the boarding process automated and secure. A face id can be created and matched with the passport. This facial id can also be used to create a boarding pass. The number of lines and queues can be reduced in an airport if the biometric installation process is sped up and there is widespread adoption of the same by all airlines. The process which begins from check-in to departure becomes speedy and there is no need to hire more staff during rush hours.

  • Retail

Online retailers are slowly taking over the competition with brick and mortar stores and face recognition solutions can help in obtaining an edge. This also means that the customer expects higher levels of customer satisfaction techniques which includes personalization, customization, and easier shopping processes. The use of facial recognition is crucial in such a situation as it can help the employees get a detailed list of consumer preference and other demographic information when the customer arrives. This helps the retailer give a personal touch to services by giving recommendations that match the taste of the shopper.

  • Hospitality services

Hotel keys need not be something that needs to be searched by the customer in the hotel anymore. Biometric technologies have great potential in the hospitality department as the process of check-ins can be easily streamlined, along with improved functionality,an on-site payment such as restaurants and arcades,  and security at the entrance of the room. There are some hotels that have employed beta versions of facial recognition software which can be drastically improved to serve more purposes such as understand the preference of the consumer such as preferred bed size, payment information, and check out date and time. The employment of facial recognition will also help small hotels provide high level security and personalized services to all customers.

  • Live events

Big conferences and concerts have always needed high security at check points. The adoption of face technology can help in identifying the attendee easily without creating long queues and huge hassles. It will also prevent trespassers.

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